This week, Nike launched a fantastic on-line campaign, teaming up with Michael J Fox to raise money for research to fight Parkinson’s Disease through the Michael J Fox Foundation.

 This promotion, launched on line (via videos on You Tube) and run completely on-line is a fantastic look at how charities can be creative in the search for funds via the power of the internet.

Nike has produced 1500 ‘Back to the Future’ shoes that are an exact replica of the fictional version from the movie of the same name. With heaps of whiz bang features, the shoes were sure to sell any which way they were on offer however through the on-line auction process (on e-bay) pairs of the shoes have sold anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000 with hundreds of pairs already sold. To date, the highest successful bidder is British rapper, Tinie Tempah, reportedly paying US$37,500!!

 The specially made video’s released on You-Tube included a very funny skit featuring Christopher Lloyd, aka “Doc” Emmett Brown and special message from Michael J Fox promoting the shoes and the cause they’re raising money for. Currently, the two videos have had over 2.3 million views.

 This promotion demonstrates a well thought out campaign that is cost effective relative to the amount of money being raised and awareness achieved. Additionally, from Nike’s perspective, the publicity achieved for the brands ever evolving shoe designs and good will created through the charity partnership is hugely positive.

 In a world that has fast become flooded with charities looking for money and trying to raise awareness, this type of campaign is one that achieves cut through, required limited resources and will raise significant funds for the charity.

 If you’re keen to see how other charities are using the on-line world and social media to hold successful fundraising campaigns, check out this link. My favourite is the ‘Give to the Max Day’ campaign, which raised over $10 million in one day for over 3000 charities through an ‘e-philanthropy’ concept. The campaign very successfully used tools to connect people, groups and causes and allowed a connection between the wealthy and the needy.

 Also, you’ll see my friend Shaq (see last weeks post ‘Athletes engaging in social media) has had a hand in one particularly successful on-line fundraising campaign as customers of Toys ‘R’ Us were encouraged to ‘Join Shaq, Give Back’.

 I would love to hear of any other successful on-line fundraising campaigns you’re aware of!



  1. bennyscales says:

    This really atracts me! Firstly great product, i’ve wanted a pair of these shoes forever, and second its for CHARITY. I think more large online retailers and industries will start to use this triple bottom line approach to use their powers for good and not evil. OK well they’ll still want a little profit on the side, but having really popular and widely distributed ‘give-back’ campaigns can only be a good thing, right? I mean who wouldn’t want to align with the red cross, or cancer council, its gotta be good for your brand in the long run. I hope to see more of it.

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