Given this project is all about running a successful blog, I thought I would share with you my favourite blog and why I think its so successful.

Hands down winner for me is the Red Carpet Fashion Awards (RCFA). This is a fantastic blog comes out daily at 5pm Melbourne time and profiles all the celebrity fashion sightings overnight from London and the US. Named as one of the best fashion blogs of all time by US Time Magazine, its a fantastic must read for all who like their fashion and celebrity news. Founded and managed by Catherine Kallon, a UK based blogger who found herself one day in a well paid PA role and the next made redundant, Kallon now runs one of the most successful fashion blogs going round – and given the topic of the blog, its no doubt very lucrative as fashion brands search for credible ways to communicate with fashion lovers.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards founder, Catherine Kallon

The blog profiles all celebrity sitings from red carpet appearances to street side fashion, television appearances and best dressed of the week segments amoung others. RCFA allows followers to get involved with the site, with the ability to vote on ‘Who wore it best’ and ‘Best dressed of the week’ . Additionally, as any blog should have, RCFA has extremely active followers with a huge number of comments coming through each day.

There are a few reasons why I think this blog is so successful (as no doubt there are hundreds of other fashion and celebrity blogs that have no where near the same sort of following). Firstly, the blog has serious credibility. Along with Time Magazine rating it as one of the all time best fashion blogs, the mecca of all things fashion, Vogue Magazine, also sings the praises of the blog – rating it the best fashion blog on the market. 

Secondly, RCFA is current – in the US and UK, fashion lovers sit down with their morning coffee to see all the celeb sitings of the previous day – and the fashion trends emerging on them.

Lastly, Kallon’s blog has a mix of fact and opinion – providing a level of education and free thinking for followers.

Maybe there’s also a little bit of jealously among blog readers of Kallon’s success – don’t we all wish we got front row seats to New York Fashion Week because of our fabulous blogs?!!



  1. ejh76 says:

    Hi i enjoyed reading your post, i think blogging is only going to get more and more popular over time. I wonder if this real time blogging on fashion news will make celebrity magazines like ‘famous’ redundant..blogging enables instant reports whereas magazines have to go through a design layout, printing and distribution process. Why wait a few days to see what celebs wore on the red carpet when you can get the info instantly on a blog! i read somewhere that Kim Kardashian has 10 million followers on her blog! I can only imagine how much she is paid by advertisers wishing to appear on her site or for her to plug one of thier products. Its a very interesting topic and i find it fascinating that blogs and twitter accounts did not even exist 10 years ago, i wonder what the next 10 years are going to be like! exciting times ahead!

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