I read a post today on mumbrella that demonstrated another move in the right direction for marketers everywhere….

For as long as I’ve been a part of the marketing world, via study or employment,  It’s always been preached to me that CEO’s and CFO’s have a tendency to be less marketing focused for the simple fact that they can’t look at a piece of paper and see quite clearly the return on investment on marketing spend. Justification of our very existence as marketers has become more and more important as we fight other business units for a piece of the company dollar every financial year. Sadly, with far less capable artillery, the fight is never an easy one, with our sales and financial counterparts easily trumping us with their graphs and results tables that can demonstrate down to the dollar how spend has influenced sales.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of extremely effective measurement tools available to marketers these days, making the demonstration of our worth a far easier one.  Therefore I was pleasantly surprised today to read that Neilson has been appointed as the preferred supplier by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)  for their ‘Online Ratings System’. This will no doubt be a welcome addition to marketers everywhere as the offering provides “publishers, marketers, media planners and buyers with an online audience measurement system comparable to other media”.

Peter Cornelius, Managing Director of Media at Neilsen said “hybrid system provides people-based, not browser-based measurement comparisons and a platform for true cross media measurement with other channels and devices including mobile devices”

Having the ability to compare apples for apples when it comes to all media channels will be a welcome inclusion for all marketers and will assist in growing the on-line advertising market with the greater ability to justify spend in the area. Here’s to hoping all those CEO’s and CFO’s are as excited about this new tool!!



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