Studying e-marketing as part of my Masters degree in Commerce (Marketing), this is my first attempt at my own blog. In fact, I have to be honest and share that aside from my facebook page and my newly created Linked In site, I have led a rather sheltered ‘on-line’ life. 

Knowing that the internet was the way of the future, I enrolled into e-marketing as part of my studies, fearful that otherwise this ever growing digital world would simply advance so far that I would soon be looking at someone with the same look on my face as that of my grandparents when my brother and I used to talk about the possibilities of Microsoft Office….my have things come along way.

On other fronts, I have worked in different capacities in the sports industry for close to seven years, now finding myself at one of Australia’s leading sports marketing companies, Elite Sports Properties. Working in sports is both rewarding and exciting and something I hope to continue on with. Personally it has also proved to be quite successful, meeting my now fiance at work. Watch this space for updates on the wedding plans…!


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